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Travel insurance Dominican Republic

In the area of Travel insurance we work together with the forth biggest insurance company of Europe, called Mapfre. There headquarter is situated in Spain and they have satellite offices in whole Europe, United States, Canada, Asia und complete Latin-American.

The Travel insurance is valid for the following:

     - VISA for Embassies in Europe, Canada, United States and the rest of the World.
     - Insurance specially in Euro or Dollar countries.
     - Insurance for Students in Europe, Canada or United States.

To get a travel insurance you just need your Passport / Cedula and the Premium in US Dollar. For Students a Certificate from the School is additionally required!


- USA 5 Days from 18,- $US
- Embassy ( VISA ) 14 Days 84,- $US
- Europe 12 Days 74,- $US
- Student 3 month 170,- $US