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About us

The Agency of the Insurance Broker Seguros Kling & Co came to origin in 1995, and was founded by the German Ms Waltraud Kling. She emigrated 1984 to Sosua and experienced since then the development of the city and their community. She became a representative of Monumental de Seguros and is through that a pioneer for Germans, Europeans, Americans and Canadians, for delivering insurance in their native language. The Office grows because of that to one of the biggest and for Monumental, to one of the most important.

In May 2009 Ms Waltraud Kling opend the Door for Franz Scheichl. He was trained and the path was set towards the Company. Major changes of actualization, contracting new local and international companies and state approved licenses were established.

In August 2009 the Agency was the first who contracted the new clinic CENTRO MEDICO COSMOPOLITAN in. Since then a special business relation is one of our biggest goals for our clients. Together we founded the fist Blood bank on the North Coast.

Since June 2010 Ms Waltraud Kling went to her retirement and sold with all the Administration the Agency to Franz Scheichl. Still she is an active help in many occasions for the community today.

Today the Insurance Broker Agency and Promotors of Health Seguros Kling & Co, is one of the Lieder for every aspect of insurances in Sosua and Cabarete. For Foreigners the same as for Dominicans.