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Health Insurance Dominican Republic

We offer health Insurance with the most recommended Insurance Companies in the country.
We define between fife different Segments in the Private sector:

- Basic Cover The Planes in this Segment are the most Economic. They offer an basic cover in difficult situations, accidents and the day by day events.
- Improved Cover These Plans are permitting an additional cover, with single room and protection against massive events.
- Premium In the premium sector the cover is 100% on the whole Dominican Republic. You have access to the best Specialists and Clinics in the country.
Examples for Health Insurance here: All plans
- In Pension These Plans are for persons from the 60th year on. We can insure you till the 70th year.
Information for the third living period: In Pension
- Internacional We have a special offer for Residents in an International Health Plan which opens the door to the best Clinics in the United States and Worldwide up to 5 Mio US Dollar. Or try this Link to the most known German Insurance Company: