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LIABILITY BY LAW Dominican Republic

To participate in the traffic of the Dominican Republic a Liability Insurance is obligated by law. We offer you Liability insurance for Automobile, Jeeps, Pick Up’s, Vans, Motorcycles (also Harley Davidson), Heavy Machinery (Trucks, Construction Vehicles) and Sport Vehicles.

In between the Liability the following Points are for your interest:

- Damage Third Party: It depends what kind of vehicle you drive and how old it is (A Motorcycle cannot provoke the same damage like a Jeep Hummer). For those who drive a lot, or in an area where expensive cars are situated (Porsche, Audi), we recommend a cover on damage to third party of minimum 500.000,- RD$
- Injured Persons: Here the live of a human is calculated due to his financial loss to the family. (Motoconcho worth between 400.000,- RD$ and 700.000,- RD$ by death). Because of that we recommend an minimum cover of 500.000,- RD$ for Injured persons.
- Guarantee: The basic guarantee with every Insurance is 300.000,- RD$. The judges of this country are aware of this. As an foreigner you can face some situations with an special treatment, that is why we recommend a guarantee of minimum 500.000,- RD$.

EXAMPLES (per year)

Automobil 4 Cylinder 300‘ Damage third / 300‘ Person / 500‘ Guarantee 2.563,- RD$
Jeep 6 Cylinder 300‘ Damage third / 300‘ Person / 500‘ Guarantee 4.066,- RD$
Automobil 4 Cylinder 500‘ Damage third / 500‘ Person / 1 Mio Guarantee Plus Casa de Conductor 5.649,- RD$
Jeep 6 Cylinder 500‘ Damage third / 500‘ Person / 1 Mio Guarantee Plus Casa de Conductor 8.095,- RD$

This selection should give you a small image of the prices. Visit us in our Office and we will prepare an individual Insurance which fits your needs in comparing price and service. You just have to bring your Cedula (Passport), Driver license (also foreign) and the Matricula (Car document) of your vehicle.

FULL INSURANCE Dominican Republic

Full insurance on the other Hand side protects you not only in Liability matters also against all damages which can occur to your vehicle. It does not matter if you are guilty or not. The differences in between the quotes are based in the deductible and the value of the car. There is also semi full available but the price difference towards Full insurance is that little, that there is nearly no market for them.

An important point to determine the Premium is the Model and year of the vehicle. Not all vehicles can have a Full insurance. That is because of difficulties for getting spare parts or the Brands appearance in the marked.

To make a Full insurance you have to visit our office to make an inspection of your vehicle. Bring the same documents like required for a Liability by Law. To get a quote we need to know the following:

     - Brand, Model und Model specification ( example: Toyota; 4- Runner; 4x4 )
     - Year
     - Value