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Liability Dominican Republic

Liability protects you against damages towards third parties, inclusive death and damages which occur through accidents.

For private Villas or Apartments the liability is included. For businesses exists a special liability is needed. In some cases the liability is obligated by law (Turismo, Secretario de Comercio). We offer for every kind of business the right liability which local companies provide.

Attention: For some Liabilities a Home insurance as basic cover is required (example Boats, Restaurants or Boutiques). There are also different types of liabilities (Tour Operator). Ask your Lawyer or the secretary you report to what especially they like to see.

For Schools we have a special Insurance for PERSONAL ACCIDENTS. We work together with the Clinic in Sosua and Mapfre BHD. This insurance protects the children during the school hours and all school activities.

Other Business Related Insurances:

     - Fianza (Guaratees)
     - Transportation of goods
     - Boats, Yards
     - Machines and Equipment