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Orientation by Accidents Dominican Republic

If a foreigner is trapped into an accident, he has to face several authorities. The understanding of law and order has a different meaning in industrial countries. The local traffic Police (AMET) declares under no circumstance the question of guilt. They just report the accident and charge for the Police Report and legalisation of Documents. In case there are injured Persons, it is automatically a penalty process and just the judge will determine who is guilty. Following the schedule and orientation in case of an accident: 

Only property damage: If the third party has claims, FIRST you have to go to the Police Station (AMET) to make the Police Report (ACTA POLICIAL). You can always contact us for consultation. With the Police Report and the other Driver you have to come then to our office if you are guilty! If the other party produced the accident you have to Report to his insurance! Now we take over and the other driver has to deposit his documents (Matricula, driver license, estimate of damage, fotos). The process will now take between 2 weeks and 3 Month, depending of the insurance company.
With Injured Persons:  

If injured or death persons are involved, you directly report to the Police (AMET). ATTENTION! By law: You have to help the injured person; try to get them to a public hospital and make sure the AMET will be called. If this is not possible take him to the next clinic and make sure, only the emergency procedures are given, and the ambulance for the public hospital is been called. Every service you will pay, cannot be reimbursed! THERE IS NO LAW WHICH OBLIGATES YOU TO PAY, even if the Police or others like to force you! Get as soon as possible in touch with us or the hotline of your Insurance, so the lawyer can be informed. After the Police Report is made you will be transferred directly to the Fiscal, who will declare the guarantee money, which our Lawyer will deposit for you. Now starts the penalty process. Under all circumstances the insurance company will provide juristic assistance. The damage regulation with the insurance companies starts when the judge decided who is guilty. If the police or Fiscal orders to put you to custody, call immediately the „Casa de Conductor“!

the following documents are essential for driving in the Dominican Republic:

-     Cedula or Passport

-     Driver License (if foreign 3 month valid, international 6 month)

-     Matricula of the vehicle

-     Valid insurance

What can happen?

In all cases the other party can demand you. The Lawyers in this country are having experience in handling cases against foreigners. The normal salary of a Lawyer is 1% of the claim. That is why often other reasons, millions of Pesos high are added to the demand. The Police have the right to put you in custody, if heavy injured or dead people are in involved. This also can happen at weekends or nighttime, if no official authorized person is present. Like already mentioned the Police do not declare who is guilty. Sometimes a foreigner finds himself in disadvantage, because of not knowing the laws, their interpretation and the lack of the language skill.

The penalty process can take several months to years, depending on the particular case. 

What can you do?

1.) A higher cover of the Guarantee (Fianza), at a minimum of 500.000,- RD$, helps to take the first hurdle with the authorities. Also to have a liability of a minimum of 500.000,- RD$.

2.) In heavy cases when custody is requested or violation of the law by the authorities, the Addition of a protective custody in a hotel is recommended (See CASA DE CONDUCTOR).

3.) To give first aid is always the better solution, even you have to spend some money for the emergency room of the insured person.

4.) A higher cover with a recommended company gives you the privilege of a faster response.

5.) Avoid driving at night and be a conservative driver. Remember a lot of the Dominicans have no driver license or drive provocative without recognizing the danger.