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The use of protective custody?

Imagine you are involved in a car accident with heavy injured or dead people. The Police and the victims don’t have comprehension and you should go to a local prison until the case is cleared. Also the law is not executed the same way in the provinces then in the capital cities like Santo Domingo or Santiago.
Here begins the protective custody. You will brought to a complex similar to a hotel. You will be save till the evidence/guarantee procedural. There are only two in the Dominican Republic which are lokated in the the two mayor cities. There it is asured that the law is respected more acurately.
The C M A protective custody is included in every full- or semi full insurance. In the basic liability insurance this is a useful addition for personal safety. We recomend this insurance for everybody who travels a lot around the Island.

Your claim:

  • The Police Report will be filled out by the authorized Officers of the relevant district were the accident happen or in the C M A Casa de Conductore, in case of necessity (Provinces).
  • To guarantee that the responsible Police, Doctors and Prosecutor ( Fiscal ) and the Justice of peace approved the case in the right way.
  • The guarantee or penalty will be deposited at the local tax authority ( Rentas Internas ).
  • In case heavy injury or death is involved the C M A protective custody in Santiago or Santo Domingo takes action.
  • The service is 24 hours and 365 days a year available. You will be picket up from every point of the island and brought to C M A Casa de Conductores.

The C M A Casa de Conductores (House of drivers)

Protective custody in single rooms with air condition, Bath, Full board, Medical help. Hair saloon, Pool, Bar in the House. Visiting hours till 08:30 pm.

! Attention !

If you get involved into a traffic accident, please call immediately and inform the police that you have an additional C M A Casa de Conductore insurance. Then the transport to C M A house of drivers can begin, were ever on the island you are. If your own car is not operating we will provide one.
Be aware that at Night and on Weekends Offices are closed and the Casa de Conductor can be a helpful tool, in case of custody or violence by local authorities! In any case your insurance will be checked for coverage.

Requirement for C M A additional insurance

Running Liability insurance, Copy of car titel (Matricula), Recite of C M A insurance.