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Emigration to the Dominican Republic, which health insurance is needed?

Generally the Health support is very good on the island. There are specialized Clinics and competent Doctors, but the health service is still not the same comparing to industrial countries. On the other hand side the costs are low for an adequate health plan.
The perfect case would be to keep a basic health insurance in your country of origin and have a midsize health plan for Emergencies and the day by day occasions. If you need access to a complicated operation or find yourself in a long term illness, there is then the opportunity to return to your home country. This is highly recommended for those who are over 60, because it is difficult to get an adequate health insurance here.
Who cuts all lines to their country of origin should have a higher health plan, which offers a better RED of clinics and doctors without having uncontrolled extra costs. Here a combination of local and international insurance cover is recommended. The premiums are then similar then in Industrial countries, as well as the cover.
Again; who reached already 60 should have a cash reserve to compensate the missing cover in an extreme case.


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